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तामाङ टाइम्स

ह्राङसे खाराङबा गे लाला, थेराङबान चाबा याङला

Our Latest Issues

Tamang Times (Shrawn 2080)

Learn about Nepalese art and culture during Malla dynasty.

Tamang Times (Poush 2078)

Delve into aspects such as Tamang history, language, art, music, festivals, and traditional practices

Tamang Times (Baisakh 2073)

Learn about Tamang history, language, art, music, festivals, and traditional practices
Our Mission

At Tamang Times, our mission is to celebrate and showcase the vibrant heritage and cultural traditions of Nepal. We believe that by honoring our past, we can better shape our future.

"The Lord Buddha was Born in Nepal"

Tamang Times is a prestigious magazine dedicated to promoting and preserving Nepal’s rich heritage and culture. With a deep-rooted belief that today’s world is inundated with various media platforms, we strive to collect, curate, and disseminate diverse materials, activities, and knowledge related to Buddhism, news, articles, research, and the protection and promotion of art and folk culture. Our goal is to play a constructive role in society by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Nepal’s unique cultural tapestry.


Cultural Heritage

Delve into the fascinating world of Nepal's cultural heritage. Discover ancient temples, historic sites, traditional rituals, and customs that have shaped the Nepalese identity.


Explore the teachings, philosophy, and practices of Buddhism, which hold a significant place in Nepal's cultural landscape. Learn about Buddhist traditions, meditation techniques, and the profound influence of Buddhism on the country.

Art and Folk Culture

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Nepal's art and folk culture. Celebrate the creativity of local artisans, traditional music and dance forms, and the distinctive craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.